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Hypoallergenic Griffs?

Yes, I know that several sources online state that wirehaired pointing griffons are hypoallergenic. But it just isn't true. Yes, they do shed less than other breeds, but I know people that ARE allergic to griffs.

Part of the reason is that someone could be allergic to the hair, the dander, or the saliva of a dog. It varies from person to person just how allergic they are. So if you put together a slightly allergic person and a low-shedding griff (which also varies from griff to griff), they might live a happy life together. If a person is allergic to the saliva, they would need to train their griff not to lick them. That sounds reasonable for an adult dog, but griff puppies are very mouthy - licking, biting, and chewing. While the puppy is learning, there might be a time period that the allergic owner would just have to suffer through.

So, if you are someone that thinks they have found the perfect hypoallergenic dog, please do some personal, hands on research. Visit griff owners, touch their dogs, and spend some time in their houses. If there is no one close enough to you, visit a nearby dog show or hunt test. It isn't always possible to see griffs at a show or test, but if you do, make sure you ask permission before you pet. If this seems like a lot of work, imagine getting the cutest little griff puppy in the world, reacting to it, and then having to return it to your breeder a few weeks or months later...heartbreaking.

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