We are passionate about our Wirehaired Pointing Griffons. Our griffs are foremost our daily companions. They also are our hunting companions during grouse and quail seasons. Occasionally we all get to hunt pheasant and woodcock. We also enjoy dock diving, rally, hunt tests,and conformation shows.

Jim has been hunting all of his life. Michelle didn't get very interested in it until we got our first griff in 2010. But way before we got into griffs, Jim had various bird dogs. Eventually he began breeding brittanys. After a few years, life got too busy with kids, work, and church, and he scaled back to just having a personal gun dog. But for about 25 years he had been longing to have a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. They were so hard to find, and so expensive... Once our daughters were more independent (driving!), we were finally at a point in life to get a griff. We talked to Lonnie and Marsha' Carroll of Bear Hug Griffons in South Carolina. We were on their waiting list for about a year, and it was through them that we got Driggs, our first griffon (although he actually was bred by Chuck & Karen Spiess, friends of the Carrolls). 

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Griff Crazy People